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Sound Vascular & Vein

This is a medical project in Federal Way Washington that engaged the whole team at Reitinger & Associates.  Dr. Peter Gregory wanted to own his own building for his practice, and wanted it designed for his specific needs which required two surgery suites on the vascular side of his practice.  The vein side is more of the aesthetic side of the practice which required a separate waiting area.


The building was acquired during the end of the economic downturn and had only been occupied by the previous owner for only few years.  It was a concrete tilt up structure and was the perfect size for the needs of Sound Vascular & Vein.  The structure was basically a free span roof construction with only a couple of center support columns holding up the roof ridge which provided a clean slate for freedom of design.

InnerHealth MD

While visiting our primary Physician’s office a number of years ago, he became curious to what our careers were.  After providing an outline of our services, it became apparent to him that he wanted to work for himself in a concierge type of practice rather than work for the regional hospital system.  He felt he could better serve his patients and feel more in control of his career and destiny as a primary care physician on his own.

We looked at several spaces that would have worked well.  Finally, we negotiated a lease that everyone was happy with and we executed a design for his practice.  It has great light on two sides of the office and it ended up a very intimate caring space to treat patients.  A portion of a back exit Hall was transformed into a secured pharmacy specifically for his clinic.  As a patient……I like how it feels.

Summit Dermatology

After leaving a large group practice, this physician wanted to strike out on her own, pursuing her specialty and owning the building she would practice out of.  We worked with a broker to find her a location that was suited for her and the functionality of her practice.  Being an aesthetic practice she really wanted it to feel like a high end boutique makeup salon vs just a makeup counter.  We use Pinterest as story boards for clients and the old adage of a picture is worth a thousand words couldn’t hold more true for this physician.  We really got the feel she was after and her patients love her, and her new space!

Oasis Eye

An Ocular plastics surgeon after breaking away from a large group wanted to create her own standalone practice that would fulfill her vision of what an aesthetic eye practice could look like.  On a feeling level and using Pinterest as a story board this physician was very engaged in the design process.  The thousands of choices that have to be made can be over whelming to anyone, and wondering if this is the right choice can really be exhausting.  Using Pinterest as an expression of the feeling, facilitating and collaborating, this medical space exceeded our expectations as well as our clients.

Retina & Vitreous Center

Our longest standing client, a journey that began with the startup of this practice.  It has been wonderful watching this practice grow and flourish.  The senior Physician purchased the original building his practice started in, and then occupied the entire building as the practice grew.  We have been honored to design the large lobby expansion of this original building and a satellite office in Grants Pass.  We are now in the process of designing another satellite office and a new primary office in Ashland. 

Retina & Vitreous Center, GP Satellite

The scope of this project required the skills of both the building design team and consulting team of Reitinger & Associates. Our client is an Ophthalmologist specializing in retinal surgery. To better serve his clients in the greater Grants Pass area he decided to build a satellite office. The building needed to be multi-functional to accommodate for his medical practice and to provide area professionals with a living space.

Retina & Vitreous Center,
MFR Satellite

This practice continues to thrive and grow.  In order to better serve their patients in NE Medford, the physicians at Retina & Vitreous Center recognized the need for another office location.  Reitinger & Associates have teamed up with S+B James Construction to provide a fast-tracked building.  Construction is slated to be complete in September 2018, and will be fully functional shortly after.

Cunnington Dental

A general dentist that was ready to make a lifestyle change to Bend Oregon from Bellingham Washington to open a new office.  He really wanted to create a fun but traditional décor for his office T.I. build out.  He also expressed a sophisticated mountain resort feel for the interiors.  It all came together with Dr. Cunnington specifying state of the art dental delivery systems and chairs.  This dental space has a super relaxing feel for a dental office from my personal experience as a patient.

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