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El Paradiso Chalet

After many ski trips to Europe we decided to bring some of that alpine charm of the Alps home with us to Sun Valley Idaho.  With the grand view we are afforded by living on a preserve and working ranch, to being a stone’s throw from the Bald Mountain ski area we were excited to build a chalet that encompassed all those feelings we hold dear to our hearts. 

Our home is a sanctuary from the extreme elements of both winter and summer with it being a refuge for recharging our souls and the activities that feed our lives with abundance.  When I enter our chalet from being absent for business travel, I am soothed with the ambiance that warms my spirit with that sense of place.

Materials for the construction of basement and Main Floor are ICF construction.  This material with its thermal mass provides such a comfortable interior environment in extreme climates.  The log portion of structure was built in Montana and delivered on site for construction.

Shaffer Residence

Some of my dearest clients, which were so fun to work with, Mel & Susan Shaffer came to me with a very exciting project.  Renovating a Shingle style house from the turn of the century.  We not only renovated it, we added on to it, updated everything from electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and transformed this diamond in the rough to a modern period piece, with total respect for its historical significance in this historic neighborhood. 

The site was very challenging due to its steepness behind the house for adding on to it.  We met the challenge and created a very private exterior dining area off of the kitchen.  This is one of my favorite projects of my career, where the client was very engaged, the craftsmen and builder were top notch, and the collaboration was of the highest priority.

Castleman Residence

Some longtime friends from Ashland that moved to Bend for a career shift a few decades ago enticed me with a project that I couldn’t turn down.  The site was challenging with its topography, but the most challenging were the height restrictions imposed by the HOA.  The board also had an architectural review process and required a physical model to be constructed to scale as part of the review process. 

After many trips to Europe and France by the Castlemans, I suggested possibly a modified French Normandy style for their new home.  They gravitated towards the idea through their story board and we pressed forward with the concept.  The design was a favorite of the developers of this gated community.

Stones Throw

A longtime friendship becomes the catalyst for being retained to design a second home on a family owned estate in Catskill Park NY.  Initially we surveyed the sight in late summer and in the winter the following year we skied and snowshoed into this site to stake out the house.  Seclusion is the word at Stones Throw, you see no other structures from this French Normandy style home. The Ha-ha wall on the periphery of front lawn is a very effective barrier to keep the livestock from getting too close to the house.  Many materials were gathered or harvested right off the property for this project.  Large cherry trees on site were harvested, milled, and installed for hardwood floors, casework, trim etc. 

Stones Throw, ADU

Longing for a refuge for himself and his grandchildren, my longtime friend and client decided he would let his immediate children take over the main residence of “Stones Throw” and build an accessory dwelling that would function more like a European Refugio or hutte rather than just another house.  Traveling and alpine touring with my client in the Alps filled the imagination of both of us while skiing in these high alpine environments.  What better way to get to know your grandchildren than to spend time in a bunkhouse type of environment where the focus is dining together and sleeping, along with all the outdoor adventures that Catskill Park has to offer.


We’ve decided to show the progress of this magnificent project of timber framing and use of the raw materials from the site to the finished structure.  The devil is in the details and we are excited to share this process…

Forrester Residence

The Forresters, having lost their home to a fire were not interested in recreating what they had lost. They wanted something new with a European flavor that evoked a feeling of romance and tradition. We designed this fire retardant home with an eclectic blend of German and French country manors.

Meese Guest House

We were initially retained to design a small pool house for the Perozzi estate. When the lot next door became available the clients were excited because they could expand their park like setting and provide a private Guest House for visiting business associates and dignitaries. Expanding the grounds also provided for an excellent setting for social gatherings and functions.

Perozzi House Addition
Meese Residence (rear addition)

Originally built by one of Ashland's Founding Fathers, Dominico Perozzi, with its Victorian Italianate style, this home had a very grand street presence but in reality was relatively small. Historic photos reveal an almost Hollywood set appearance. The house had been remodeled and scabbed on over the years without attention to the historic flavor.

Holdermann Residence

Friends and clients for many years, we’ve worked with both the Holdermanns from both aspects of our company - the Medical Management side and the Design side.  A few years ago the Holdermanns were tired of their commute to work and wanted to be closer to work and medical associates that they socialize with.  They still wanted some acreage to plant an orchard and found the perfect lot with the blend of being close in and a dramatic view of the Rogue Valley. 

The Holdermanns wanted a house that blended a warm feel to raise a family in and open and airy for entertaining.  With a large terrace off the living room that provides stunning views of the Siskiyou Mountains and to entertain on, I think we provided a program that met the desired outcome.

Vista Cottage

In 2003 we began working on a sanctuary of our own on Vista street in Ashland, Oregon. We were challenged to design a home that felt comfortable and roomy while remaining within limited spatial boundaries. With many services built in and careful consideration given to space saving this home was designed much like a ship. The result is an eclectic French Normandy style house that complements the neighborhood and is as timeless as the buildings surrounding it.

Trailview Condo

While transitioning to Sun Valley to become a permanent resident, we decided to renovate our Ketchum condo that we would be living in while we developed our lot and built our house.  We were not planning on living in it for seven years, but that’s how long it took us to achieve our goal, and the economic down turn didn’t help the timeline either.  I’m just glad we took it down to the bone for new wiring, plumbing etc.  It was like a new condo when we moved in and made the longer than expected stay more comfortable.  Being across from the ski area and a three block walk to downtown Ketchum, it was a great location.

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